aka Blue Sun God

Paragod God of this Wiki
  • I live in Pacific Ocean of HSW. I sometimes come to the surface to eat people in HSW, kill bloons in Bloon of Clubs, or walk to Monkey Lane to smash MOABs, or go into Minecraft and annihilate zombies, etc.
  • My occupation is Ruling SFH3 Hacked like a king, annihilating bloons in BTD5, devouring people in Hungry Shark World, and quickscoping green pigs in Angry Birds
  • I am Blue Sun God
  • TOTMGsRock

    I hereby state...

    November 21, 2016 by TOTMGsRock

    I hereby state that from this moment onwards, other people can also place their creature creations here as well! However, it has to be appropriate.

    • You MUST place your username in parentheses next to your creation, like this:  The MLGShrekkr (username).  Replace "username" with your actual username.  Simple.
    • You also must add the "Someone Else's Creations" category to your creation, to avoid confusion.
    • It MUST be appropriate.  It cannot be something that is nude, pornographic, sexually explicit, or obscene.
    • It needs to be legible so that people can clearly understand what you made.
    • Do not copy someone else's creations.
    • Avoid editing other people's ideas without their permission.  EXCEPTION:  Admins and Content Mods like me still have the right t…

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