The Illuminati Embodiment
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The Illuminati Embodiment

The Orange Guy is an orange Metahuman who is for some unknown reason he and Stuffystuff have a lethal grudge on each other, because he is always seen being beaten up by Stuffystuff. The Orange Guy is also a member of the Illuminati.


The Orange Guy is an orange pixelated stickman (hence his name) with yellow eyes. He has a TOTCI of 4, far weaker than Stuffystuff's TOTCI of 15.

Lethal Grudge with Stuffystuff

The Orange Guy and Stuffystuff have a lethal grudge. The Orange Guy always loses every fight because he is far weaker than Stuffystuff. The Orange Guy has always respawned, again and again, and has tried many times to defeat his archrival, including hiring people to kill Stuffystuff (which failed), tried cloning himself and kill Stuffy via sheer numbers (which failed because Stuffy could clone himself at will as well), etc. All failed, all ended up with screams and death rattles preceding a terrifying splat, and a dismembered, decapitated, bloodied, and ripped-apart corpse of an orange metahuman lying on the ground.

It is not really known why they hate each other so much. Many beings make tons of theories about it, but the most popular theory is that The Orange Guy assassinated Stuffy's parents with an L115 from long range. Consumed by rage and despair, Stuffystuff has sworn vengeance on the Orange Guy, and now every time Stuffystuff even sees a GLIMPSE of The Orange Guy, Stuffy will hunt him down, beat the living sh*t out of him, and kill him by all means possible.

Gallery of Gifs


A brutal scene of violence that represents one of the many fights to the death between Stuffystuff and TOG.


The grudge between Stuffystuff and The Orange Guy have a potential reference to the ongoing battle between Wikia and the infamous Rifleman, who seems to always be evading bans with his VPN and his army of alts.