"There are gigafugagargantugoogolplexes of different types of Earths throughout the virtually-infinite range of dimensions and omniverses, far too many to list them all. The Earth in THIS universe and THIS dimension, called TOT-Earth, is just like the Earth in the Milky Way, albeit more technologically-advanced." ~TOTMGsRock

TOT-Earth is the planet of which the Humans are native to. It is also the most technologically-advanced place in the TOTMGsRock Universe, which is why so many evil organizations like the Illuminati are so hell-bent on conquering it.


TOT-Earth is just like the Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, but the sentient organisms in the planet are 5x more advanced. This is because 1 day in the Milky Way Earth is 5 days in the TOT-Earth. This is due to a gravitational influence from a white hole millions of light-years away that causes a time acceleration. Evolution caused Humans and Metahumans and so forth to come into existence here. Its gravitational force used to be 1 G, but now it's 1.1 Gs due to gravitational terraforming. Atmosphere is still 1 atm. It has 22% oxygen instead of 21% because the humans of the TOTMGsRock Universe were 2x smarter and more eco-friendly than the humans of the Milky Way Earth and preserved many trees and planted more. They also formulated a Plant Growth Potion to speed up the growth of trees.


(You know the reference)