Stuffystuff is a Super Metahuman with a TOTMGsRock Creature Index of 15.


Stuffystuff is a Super Metahuman with blue skin and light blue eyes, and the 2nd most powerful Super Metahuman in the TOTMGsRock Universe.


Stuffystuff's powers include: Super strength (the 2nd highest of all super metahumans), the ability to concentrate energy into his fists to cause more devastating punches, energy blasts, project force fields, spawn portals from his hands, super speed (also similar to TOTMGsRock's), etc.


For some reason, Stuffystuff's arm color always changes. This could be caused by his internal energies mutating his body. Such mutations do not harm him; they just change his appearance.

The DNA of Stuffystuff and the human part of TOTMGsRock's DNA are a perfect match. This proves that Stuffystuff is indeed an alternate version of TOTMGsRock.

Gallery of Gifs


Stuffystuff beating the living crap out of The Orange Guy, his arch-rival.