Wikia in general is not by any means a lawless place. Therefore, this wiki shouldn't be lawless, either.

Editing Rules

All edits must be made out of good faith. DO NOT:

  • Intentionally remove true information or add intentionally false or misleading content/information.
  • Add pornographic/lewd material of any kind.
  • Remove all content from pages, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Add complete gibberish/spam.
  • Make any links to pornography.
  • Intentionally undo legitimate edits.
  • Make completely pointless edits.


Edit-farming is not allowed because it is simply an immense amount of pointless edits being made.

Discussions Rules

  • Putting threads in the right topic is highly recommended. Incorrectly-placed threads will be moved.
  • Spam, harassment, bullying, etc. is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.
  • Pornographic stuff of any kind is not allowed. Links to porn are also not allowed.
  • Do NOT post links or other shortened URLS because a lot of porn website owners use URL shorteners to evade safe browsing filters.

Multi-Posting Limit

The maximum amount of posts in a row is 3 (triple-posting). Posting more than 3 posts in a row will be considered as spam.

Chat Rules

  • Admins are FORBIDDEN to add lewd gifs. That's that. No exceptions. Lewd emoticons just kill the eyes of underaged viewers and cause general chaos. Any lewd emoticons found in the MediaWiki:Emoticons will be removed.
  • Roleplay is allowed, but do not be a total brat even while roleplaying.
  • Spam, bullying, harassment, etc. in chat (or ANYTHING) is not allowed at all.
  • Swearing is allowed unless it is directed at anyone or it is a racial slur. Also, censoring of swearing (by replacing certain letters with asterisks) is highly recommended.
  • Any language that is sexually-referenced (e.g. words like c*nt, b**bs, d*ck, etc.) are forbidden.
  • Asking for sensitive personal information is not allowed. This is because it puts people in actual danger of terrible things like stalking.

Rules Regarding Alternate Accounts

Alternate accounts are forbidden by many wikis because they are often used to evade bans and cause mayhem.

  • Alternate accounts must be submitted to the message wall of an admin within one week of the alt's creation. After one week, any alts caught will be considered as illegal alts until they are proven to be innocent alts or not alts at all.

Rules Regarding Power Abuse of Staff

See: Staff of the TOTMGsRock Universe