Donald Trump is the archvillain of the TOTMGsRock Universe. He is TOTMGsRock's worst enemy.


Donald Trump is the king of conspiracies and the current Illuminati leader. With him being a demonoid human being, he is considered a Supernatural Being. He has a TOTMGsRock Creature Index of 22.

The Illuminati Embodiment

It is Donald Trump who has created the Illuminati Embodiment.

King of Conspiracies

Some Trump-haters call him the "King of Conspiracies", and for good reason.

  • He plots to conquer the world/universe with an iron fist.
  • He wishes to mess up the environment and cause the extinction of humanity.
  • He uses illiterate numbskulls as supporters for use as puppets and pawns.
  • His head constantly cooks up thousands of conspiracies and malicious schemes.
  • He manipulated Russia into working with the Illuminati and helping them slip 30,000 compromising emails into Hillary Clinton's email account, and made it look exactly like emails that Hillary herself had created that all of America was fooled, thus trumping up a reason for Trump-supporters to support Trump. This is a cunning form of manipulation, and one of the worst-possible forms of treason.


  • There is a same man in real life called Donald Trump. The Donald Trump in real life is also pretty evil.  He is the current president of the USA.
  • In November 2016, he was elected as the president of USA, meaning that the whole USA would be evil by his rule.
  • He looks the same in the picture shown (but without horns, two sharp teeth and yellow eyes).