The Deity-Shrekker, formerly called the Godslayer-Omega is an omni-weapon that TOTMGsRock made to annihilate his rivals, such as Bob the Spider.


Its normal form looks like arm armour, but it can take the shape and functionality any form of weapon and/or armor that the owner chooses (although the Deity-Shrekker has some control over this function by being able to morph into the best-possible weapon that best counters the opponent's physiology, morphology, tactics, and fighting style), such as a katana or a minigun, and can form more than one weapon at once (for example, if the weapon of choice is brass knuckles, which is a dual-wield type of weapon, the Deity-Shrekker can take the shape of a pair of brass knuckles). It can only be used by TOTMGsRock and his descendants (this CANNOT be overridden. Not even Bob the Spider can override this rule. Only its owner can give exceptions to this rule, and the owner can only do so out of free will and cannot be manipulated, possessed, persuaded, or controlled in anyway into doing so). It is indestructible, impenetrable, unhackable, incorruptible, sabotage-proof, stun-proof, water-proof, uncounterable, uncopyable, always loyal to the TOTMGsRock bloodline, and cannot be used to kill a member of said bloodline. All of these rules apply regardless of opponent omnipotence and stuff. It can kill ANYTHING and ANYONE (except a member of the TOTMGsRock bloodline) in 1-3 shots, regardless of omnipotence and whatnot. This weapon is sentient, and can target an opponent's weaknesses, weak spots, and blind spots in order to maximize killing power. If the opponent is not killed instantly, the victim will be paralyzed and comatose for a long time. In essence, it's equivalent to a TBOO and all of its variants when it comes to killing power. It can crush, penetrate, obliterate, disintegrate, incinerate, etc. any substance at an atomic level and without a trace (unless the user chooses to leave traces of his exterminated opponent).


There are certain laws that prevent the user from using it all the time. These laws make sure that the Deity-Shrekker is only to be used when there is absolutely no other way to defeat a certain opponent.


This weapon's function is somewhat similar to the DC weapon known as the Godkiller.