Annihilium Destructite, also called the Compound of Death, or Ann50Dest50, is a highly-reactive, highly-unstable compound of elements that can annihilate and disintegrate pretty much anything.


It is a highly-unstable compound of radio-isotopes called Annihilium and Destructium.  It is comprised of 50 Annihilium molecules and 50 Destructium molecules, arranged in a spiky sphere shape.  It can be in four states: Solid form, liquid form (Destructoannihilic hyperacid), gaseous form (Destructo-annihilium dioxide), and plasma form.  Its plasma form is its most destructive state, and such form is the type of Ann50Dest50 that is generated by the eye sockets of TOTVMosasauridae.

Death Beam

Ann50Dest50 in plasma state is also called Death Beam, and for very good reason. It is generated by the eye sockets of TOTVMosasauridae and it can disintegrate anything, and can even harm enemy TOTVMosasauridae. Fortunately (for the totvmoes), Ann50Dest50 does not harm the user when being generated.  Ann50Dest50 is more unstable than the other forms, and many scientists have died experimenting with Ann50Dest50, and 75% of those deaths were from experimentation with the plasma state of Ann50Dest50. Roboguy nearly disintegrated himself just by getting near it, proving how dangerous and volatile Ann50Dest50 can be.